Zoning Code | Procedures - Code Interpretation

Description: From time to time, there may be instances where a person may have a question concerning a provision of the zoning code or the application of a provision of this code. To ensure this chapter is consistently interpreted, a mechanism is needed to issue written interpretations.

Application fee: none

Submittal deadline: 3 weeks before the Plan Commission meeting, which is typically held the first Monday of the month

Decision maker(s): Plan Commission

Basis of decision: In consultation with the town attorney and others as appropriate, the Plan Commission evaluates the section of this chapter in question and those which are related, considers the purposes of this chapter as set forth in s. 500.05 along with applicable legislative findings contained in this code, and considers other applicable interpretations that have previously been made and make a decision consistent with this division giving this chapter its most reasonable application. If the Plan Commission cannot make a reasonable interpretation, a determination shall not be issued.

Review process:
  1. Submittal of question. The individual requesting the interpretation shall submit the question in writing to the zoning administrator and the application fee as may be established by the Town Board.
  2. Decision. In consultation with the town attorney, the Plan Commission shall make a written decision within 60 business days of when the Plan Commission first considered the application.
  3. Notification of decision. Within a reasonable time following completion of the interpretation, the zoning administrator shall mail a duplicate copy of the interpretation by regular mail to the individual requesting the interpretation and provide a copy of the same to the plan commission, the town attorney, and those town employees and agents involved in the administration of this chapter, as appropriate.
  4. Public record copy. A duplicate copy of the interpretation shall be retained as a public record.