Zoning Code | Zoning Districts

A-3 (RR) Rural Residential
This district is intended to accommodate single-family residential uses, agricultural uses, and other compatible land uses in areas planned for residential growth.

A-P Agricultural Land Preservation
This district is intended to accommodate large-scale agricultural uses and related support services. It includes those areas of the town where productive agricultural lands predominate and can be used for the production of forest products, crops, and livestock, including large livestock operations. Because the primary intent of this district is agricultural production, incompatible urban uses are not permitted. It is designed to meet the requirements of a certified farmland preservation zoning ordinance under ch. 91, Wis. Stats.

B-1 Neighborhood Business
This district is primarily intended to accommodate a single retail or service establishment or a small grouping of such establishments that primarily serve the daily needs of residents in the surrounding area. Because this district characteristically is near or within residential areas, standards are designed to ensure the commercial uses are compatible in appearance and character with the surrounding residential uses.

B-2 Local Business
This district is intended to provide for the orderly and attractive grouping at appropriate locations of retail stores, shops, offices and service establishments serving the daily needs of the surrounding community area. The size and location of such districts shall be based upon evidence of justifiable community need, of adequate customer potential, of satisfactory relationship to the traffic circulation system and other related traffic facilities, and of potential contribution of the economic welfare of the community.  

B-4 Mixed Business
This district is intended to accommodate a range of compatible commercial businesses including retail sales, services, manufacturing, and warehouses.

C-1 Conservancy
This district primarily includes wetland areas and is intended to preserve and protect environmentally-sensitive resources by limiting the uses and intensity of uses that may be placed upon them in order to maintain safe and healthful conditions, prevent water pollution, protect fish spawning grounds and wildlife habitat, preserve shore cover and natural beauty, and control building and development whenever possible. When development is permitted, it shall occur in a manner that minimizes adverse impacts on the environmentally-sensitive resources.

M-1 Limited Manufacturing
This district is intended to accommodate primarily light manufacturing and warehousing uses along with a range of sales and service establishments that are compatible with the predominant uses in the district.

M-2 General Manufacturing
This district intended to encourage the establishment of manufacturing and wholesale business establishments that are clean, quiet, and free of objectionable elements such as noise, odor, dust, glare, or smoke. 

P-1 Public
This district is intended to include publicly-owned facilities and lands, or non-profit facilities and lands that serve a public purpose.

Q-1 Quarry
This district is intended to allow for nonmetallic mining and other compatible land uses.

R-1 Residential
This district is intended to accommodate residential development and other compatible land uses on comparatively small lots near or adjacent to urban centers.

UC Upland Conservancy
This district is intended to preserve, protect, enhance, and restore significant woodlands, upland wildlife habitats, prairie remnants, areas of rough topography, and related scenic overlook areas. Regulation of these areas will also serve to control erosion and sedimentation and will promote and maintain the natural beauty of the Town. Residential uses that are allowed in this district are subject to site plan approval.