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20182018-35OtherEagle Prairie Land Company; Tim Hiller, agentReview of proposed revisions to deed restrictions for Hidden Knoll, a proposed 25-lot subdivision EGLT1779998No physical address, located on east side of Sprague Road  Town Board   Pending[{"name":"Staff report for January 7, 2019","id":17536},{"name":"Meeting agenda for January 7, 2019","id":17537}][]42.887599-88.442602104135412 #93cf20
20182018-34Building, Site Plan, Plan of OperationSunny & Rainy Day Ranch LLC; Mary Smith, memberSite plan and plan of operation for a commercial stableEGLT1770999008No address as of yet  Town Board 12/10/2018  Pending[{"name":"Application materials","id":17382},{"name":"Meeting agenda for January 7, 2019","id":17538}][]42.909166-88.456850104055391Site plan / plan of operation review is required for most commercial and industrial projects and for many conditional uses. The overall design of the site is the primary focus - the relationship of buildings to the site and other features, the flow of pedestrians and traffic within the project and beyond the borders of the project. The primary focus of the plan of operation relates to how the business is conducted.#259518
20182018-33Conditional UseSunny & Rainy Day Ranch LLC; Mary Smith, memberConditional use for a commercial stable EGLT1770999008No address as of yet  Town Board 12/10/2018  Pending[{"name":"Application materials","id":17381},{"name":"Public hearing notice for January 7, 2019","id":17380},{"name":"Staff report for January 7, 2019","id":17535},{"name":"Meeting agenda for January 7, 2019","id":17539}][]42.909213-88.456357103995390Although each zoning district is primarily intended for a predominant type of land use, there are some uses that may be appropriate under certain conditions. These are referred to as “conditional uses” and are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.#ffbe7b

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