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20192019-12Special ExceptionRandolph (Randy) J Tersen; Cheryl A Tersen Special exception for building height for an accessory detached building (42 x 50 storage bldg)EGLT1770999010S75W35926 Wilton Road  Plan Commission 7/10/2019  Pending[{"name":"Neighbor notice for meeting on August 5, 2019","id":20110}][]42.908977-88.461142104065757 #ec02a3
20192019-11Special ExceptionJB Bedrock LLC (Bob Radtke, agent)Special exception for second driveway pursuant to s. 500.605(B)EGLT1818999017W357S8875 Godfrey Lane  Plan Commission 7/5/2019  Pending[{"name":"Application materials","id":19859},{"name":"Neighbor notice for meeting on August 5, 2019","id":20113}][]42.883480-88.459382104065716 #ec02a3
20192019-10Building, Site Plan, Plan of OperationJB Bedrock LLC (Bob Radtke, agent)Addition to existing industrial buildingEGLT1818999017W357S8875 Godfrey Lane  Plan Commission 7/5/2019  Pending[][]42.883323-88.459425104055715Site plan / plan of operation review is required for most commercial and industrial projects and for many conditional uses. The overall design of the site is the primary focus - the relationship of buildings to the site and other features, the flow of pedestrians and traffic within the project and beyond the borders of the project. The primary focus of the plan of operation relates to how the business is conducted.#259518

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